Chef Giuseppe Di Gristina of Pastaio in Wintersville, OH

Welcome to Pastaio!

What does Pastaio mean, you ask? It means pasta maker, of course!

Pastaio provides an elevated culinary experience in a casual atmosphere. Our expansive menu features fresh, house-made pasta prepared daily and an array of classic Italian family recipes.

Chef & Owner Giuseppe Di Gristina, hails from Palermo, Sicily’s cultural capital rich in history, culture, art, music and of course food. Chef Di Gristina creates a unique Italian dining experience where the simplicity of fresh, local ingredients complement each other perfectly to establish a restaurant that honors his Italian roots and family traditions.

Pastaio is simple yet elegant and offers serious Italian cooking with a laid-back approach, making it a perfect gathering place for family, friends, couples, groups and food enthusiasts alike.

The team at Pastaio invites you to experience true Italian hospitality as honored friends at our table.

Giuseppe DiGristina/Vincenza DiGristina
Executive Chef/ Proprietors/ Manager Pastaio Cucina Rustica Italiana
Pastaio Cucina in Wintersville, OH
Pastaio Cucina in Wintersville, OH

From Chef Giuseppe Di Gristina

In 2006, Giuseppe became Chef/Owner of Raviolis! Italian Bistro. Under his ownership, Raviolis! earned the accolade “Best Restaurant” for 3 years and Giuseppe won “Best Chef” in 2009-2010.The life of a restauranter is ever shifting, sometime it makes making the right move at the right time.

Family may have brought Giuseppe back to Pittsburgh, but determination and unfavorable COVID circumstances brought Giuseppe into the heart of Wintersville. Through his culinary creations, Giuseppe brings passion and experience beyond his years to the elegant tables of Pastaio Cucina Rustica Italiana.

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